Conferences and meetups

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World Usability Day FLUPA meetup

Paris, France

Design & cognitive disabilities


When creating experiences for users with cognitive disabilities, inclusive design is more critical than ever.
This challenge is as an opportunity to rethink the way we build online experiences.


Non Binary in Tech

London, United Kingdom

Building a new life after burnout

Every day we can hear stories about our colleagues or ourselves ending in burnout. What is going wrong within our industry? It's time to find a better work-life balance.


Blend Web Mix

Lyon, France

Designing for performance

Web performance is not only the duty of developers. As designers, we are also responsible for the perception of performance by our users.



Paris, France

Typography &
Web Performance

One once said the Web is 99% typography.
This quote shows us how important can be the choice of a typeface for a web interface.
So let's focus on type to improve your brand visibility without impact your users' perception of performance.



This is just a selection of my participation to conferences and meetups.
You can discover the most updated list on Notist.