Raccoon Studio – Damien Senger
Damien Senger – creative web developer


Accessibility and performance matters.
Together, we can build a more inclusive web.

Photo taken by Nicolas Birckel during a talk at Paris Web

Photo taken by Nicolas Birckel during a talk at Paris Web


Hoi! I'm Damien Senger.

You can also call me Hiwelo.
I'm an inclusive UX/UI designer and HTML/CSS developer, a passionate speaker and a real typography nerd.
I'm working in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, NL with a great team at VC4Africa and for my own studio, Raccoon.

My work focuses on accessibility and web performance at every step of a web project.
I want the Web to be an inclusive platform everybody would be able to use regardless of their abilities, location, gender or orientation.

Working as a UX/UI designer for VC4Africa, I learned a lot about African users specific issues and I strengthened my skills on UX methods.
User interviews, wireframing, prototype testing, team workshops, metrics analysis and tools like Sketch, Craft, InVision, Google Analytics, Hotjar or SurveyMonkey are part of my workflow.

Working as a HTML/CSS developer, I specialise in accessibility and semantics, so modern browsers and screen readers have no secrets for me. I use modern development tools like Git, Gulp and Sass and I'm able to work in a continuous integration environment.
I worked and built projects for brands and organisations like Alsacréations, Microsoft, PublicisUniversité de Strasbourg, etc.

I also believe that knowledge has to be shared to be valuable.
This is why I have been sharing my knowledge as a speaker in 10+ web conferences, such as Paris Web (workshop about web accessibility), Blend Web Mix • Lyon (designing for performance), ConFoo • Montréal (building more inclusive websites), NBiT • London (building a new life after burnout) and many more.